Deer Valley Ponderosa Loop

Shingle Springs / Deer Valley / Ponderosa Loop

Level of Difficulty:  Moderate
(1700′ total climbing)
Riding Time: 2 hours Printable Area Map:  Deer Valley / Ponderosa
Acrobat required)
Season to Ride:  All year
– except coldest winter days. Ideal in Spring and Fall.  Summer
afternoons may be too hot.

Description:  This is a
good ride at lower elevations – ideal in the Spring, Fall and Winter seasons
(may be too warm during Summer afternoons).  The ride is designed to spend
as little time as possible on busy roads (Green Valley and Meder Roads), and
maximize your time on the quieter roads such as Deer Valley and Ponderosa
Rd.  The starting point is at the local high school (Ponderosa High
School), and you can park there in the evenings and weekends.  If you
decide to ride during the weekday while school is in session, it is recommended
to backtrack to Highway 50  and start at the “Park and
Ride” parking lot instead.  This will add about 0.8 mile (mostly
flat) to your ride in each direction – or 1.6 miles total to your riding.

Miles Directions
0.0Start at Ponderosa High School.  Turn Right on
Ponderosa Rd
0.1Turn immediately Left on Meder Rd.
2.6Road ends.  Turn Left on Cameron Park Drive.
Heavy traffic here.
2.7Turn Right on Oxford Rd.
3.3Road ends.  Turn Right on Cambridge Rd.
5.0Road ends.  Turn Left on Green Valley Rd.
6.7Near bottom of hill, turn (sharp!) right on Deer Valley Rd.
13.8Deer Valley Rd ends in town of Rescue (groceries available).  Turn Left on Green Valley
Rd.  Traffic increases here.
14.2Top of hill, turn Right on Ponderosa Rd.
17.1End of ride at Ponderosa High School.


Auxiliary start at Highway 50 “Park and Ride”

Miles Directions
0.0Start at Highway 50 Park and Ride at Shingle Springs
exit.  Cross over Highway 50 (heading north).
0.1Four way stop intersection.  Continue straight on
Ponderosa Rd.
0.4Road veers towards Left.  Continue on Ponderosa Rd
0.8Ponderosa High School.  Continue with ride described
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