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Letting Joy rule thoughts

        As we navigate through uncertain times, we need to keep joy in our minds. Most often, when we think there is no joy or the situation is so overwhelming that we lose focus, glimmers of joy still exist. It can definitely be hard at times, but not impossible for the majority of situations...
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Results of slowing down

In the last few weeks America has drastically limited the amount of errands and non essential activities we embark on daily. After the dust has settled it is very remarkable to reflect on the difference between life at full speed and life as we are experience today. It’s no wonder we are adding...
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helpful youtube videos

I recently needed to get up to speed with rest api and google app scripts. After multiple google searches, I am happy to report these videos helped me out tremendously : What Oauth is about ( ) 2. How to pass access tokens within a google app script ( )...
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