Adding Bike Riding into Daily Schedule

Last updated on December 31st, 2017 at 08:54 pm

Fitting bicycle riding into everyday life requires many adjustments to our daily schedule.  “Maybe I could ride my bike to the mailbox and back”, insert reasons for not doing this here.  A simple task like riding to the mailbox seems like such an easy way to add bike riding to our life.  I need to get the bike to the driveway, out of the storage area.  Then I need to get my backpack so I can carry the mail back.  Probably should have a helmet and gloves.  Ok, now I am ready… I have a group mailbox about 1/2 mile away… I should allow 20 minutes to complete the job.   I do need to celebrate that simultaneously I will be getting a workout in, probably encounter a neighbor or 2 and say hi, and observe my surroundings (woodland forest creatures, a new tree planted, etc).  With these benefits, I look forward to completing this adventure tomorrow.


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