Results of slowing down

In the last few weeks America has drastically limited the amount of errands and non essential activities we embark on daily. After the dust has settled it is very remarkable to reflect on the difference between life at full speed and life as we are experience today.

It’s no wonder we are adding ways to stay energized during the day with all the great aspirations we have managed to pack in daily life. Coffee, Yoga, and many other 110% of our daily nutrition supplements keep us poised what what lies ahead. We have to keep up with monthly bills for services that allow us to enjoy basic and luxurious amenities.

I am happy to know that we have a hard working nation and that through constant innovation and human spirit we are able to achieve a remarkable way of life. Resilient and rise-to-the-occasion acts of service make our country able to bounce back from whatever life might throw at us.

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